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Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) foster diversity and inclusion by uniting teammates and allies based on shared characteristics, life experiences, and interests.


Free To Be

Who you are is what we need. At Bridgestone, you are entirely free to be. That's what matters. We celebrate our people and who they are, in a culture that allows everyone to thrive.

We take pride in cultivating diversity and inclusion through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These teammate-led groups, supported by executive leadership, provide a platform for teammates and allies to unite over shared characteristics, life experiences, and interests.

Open to everyone, ERGs go beyond fostering cultural competence. They amplify unique voices, driving collective growth and enhancing team dynamics for superior results, through community outreach, volunteering, mentorship, and networking. Join an inclusive culture that values and celebrates those special qualities that make each of us unique.



BBOLD is a platform for empowerment, dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of Black/African American teammates and allies.

Our mission at BBOLD is clear: to influence the company's capacity to attract, retain, and develop the finest talent while championing diversity and inclusion across the organization.

Discover a community that not only values your unique contributions but actively shapes a workplace where your potential can flourish. BBOLD is a movement that celebrates diversity, empowers individuals, and drives collective success.



BNEXT is for nurturing and advancing emerging leaders who thrive on exceeding expectations. If you're ambitious, driven, and love giving your all both in and out of work, then BNEXT is the place for you.

With unparalleled opportunities in networking, volunteering, peer mentoring, and cultural advancement. BNEXT is a community that celebrates ambition and supports you to reach new heights of leadership excellence.



BPROUD empowers inclusive teammate engagement in the workplace. It's a vibrant platform for LGBTQ+ and ally teammates, embodying the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

BPROUD teammates are an integral part of our culture transformation. Discover a workplace where your voice matters, and inclusion is celebrated.



BRAVO, The Bridgestone Americas Veterans Organization, extends a warm invitation to all Bridgestone teammates—veterans and non-veterans alike. Connecting individuals from across the organization who have answered the call to serve or supported friends and family members who did.

Our proud BRAVO community fosters camaraderie and meaningful connections, united in the shared spirit of service.



BUNIDOS symbolizes our expanding community of Hispanic, Latin, and ally teammates dedicated to creating a more inclusive and diverse environment.

It’s a catalyst for positive change by contributing to everything from community engagement to talent acquisition and development. BUNIDOS is on a vibrant and impactful journey towards a workplace where diversity thrives.



Bridgestone Women's Initiative Network (BWIN) is a platform for women to thrive and lead at Bridgestone.

Dedicated to inspiring the entire organization with impactful efforts to champion diversity and foster gender equity in the workplace, BWIN empowers women to excel and lead with excellence.



Bridgestone's Home for Asian Pacific Islanders (BHAPI) is an empowering network where those that identify as API or allies can come together to build meaningful connections, share experiences, and thrive professionally and personally.

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Working At Bridgestone

Bridgestone recognizes that each of our teammates has unique needs to sustain a healthy life and contribute to a thriving workplace. We offer different needs-based benefits to care for all our employees. We are committed to creating a safe, supportive environment through teammate advocacy and education while exercising accountability at all levels.

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