Our Culture

Employee Resource Groups

At Bridgestone, we are proud to promote a culture of inclusiveness and diversity through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs create an opportunity to bring teammates and allies together based on shared characteristics, life experiences and interests.


Work Environment

Innovation isn’t just technological — it’s woven into the fabric of our culture. At Bridgestone Americas, you are part of a team that energizes and empowers you, while respecting what drives you. We believe having great work experiences will create a great experience for customers. At Bridgestone, we refer to the end user of our products and services as “The Boss,” and we recognize going the extra mile for that customer is only possible if you feel Bridgestone is doing the same for you.

Team Mentality

Bridgestone is a big company — 55,000 in the Americas and nearly 150,000 teammates around the globe! But we’ll take the time to know you individually and recognize great work. We welcome those who welcome change and reward those who make positive change on their own. As our teammates experience success individually, it creates a ripple effect, and we become a better team. We have a unique work environment filled with hands-on opportunities, supportive colleagues and engaging teammate events.

Community Service

In 2017, Bridgestone refined its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) with three focus areas under the umbrella “Our Way to Serve.” Using this approach, we integrate CSR into our decision-making process and set priorities for doing business based on what adds true value to our teammates, customers and communities. As a business, our daily focus is on creating products and making profits, but each of us is also responsible for creating positive social impacts and adding value to everything we do.

Flexible Working Lifestyle

At Bridgestone, we have experienced a major shift in how, when and where work gets done. Using our creativity, passion and technology, we are moving our company forward and diversifying our workforce. We are developing flexible schedules and ways of working so that our teammates benefit from finding the best role and work balance while we continue to build our pool of talent.

To do this, we’ve shifted to a hybrid working model where some roles work on location, some roles move between in-office and off-site with flexible working schedules, and some opportunities will allow teammates to work from anywhere. This shift increases collaboration and creativity while facilitating a more flexible and agile culture.

These hybrid and flexible working models are here to stay because of the trust we have in our leaders and teammates. We know they can work effectively and thrive without a mandated corporate schedule. With creativity, agility, passion and a flexible way of working, we are moving Bridgestone and our teammates into the future of work.

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