Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups at Bridgestone

At Bridgestone, we are proud to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs create an opportunity to bring teammates and allies together based on shared characteristics, life experiences and interests.

ERGs are teammate-led, and their activities are supported by executive leadership. In addition to instilling cultural competence and awareness in teammates, ERGs help our business thrive by bringing unique voices to the forefront, and helping us grow as a team, which ultimately delivers stronger results.

ERGs are open to everyone - that’s the whole point! Whether you are an ally or share the defining characteristic for the ERG itself, your participation plays a vital role in helping us see and value our differences. We recognize, celebrate and learn more about one another through community outreach and volunteering, mentoring and development opportunities, and internal and external networking.


BBOLD is focused on cultivating an empowered community of Black/African American teammates and allies. BBOLD sees it as their mission to shape the company’s ability to attract, retain, and develop the best talent while encouraging diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

Take Bold Steps


BNEXT is focused on the development and advancement of emerging leaders who thrive on doing more than what is expected. If you are ambitious, and love to give it your all both in and out of work, join BNEXT for networking, volunteering, peer mentoring and cultural advancement.

Move Forward


BPROUD seeks to empower teammate engagement in the workplace and provide a platform for LGBTQ+ and ally teammates that embodies the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. Join BRPOUD and be part of culture transformation.

Champion Change


The Bridgestone Americas Veterans Organization (BRAVO) invites Bridgestone teammates — both veterans and non-veterans — to connect with others from across the organization who have answered the call to serve or have supported friends and family members who did.

Serve the Community


B~UNIDOS represents our growing population of Hispanic, Latin and ally teammates in the pursuit of a more inclusive and diverse environment. Help build a positive impact by nurturing everything from community engagement to talent acquisition and development.

Stand United


Bridgestone Women's Initiative Network (BWIN) works to position women to thrive and lead at Bridgestone. BWIN inspires the whole organization with their work to promote diversity and gender equity in the workplace.

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