Firestone Airide Careers

Career Opportunities

Firestone Airide is a fully integrated business that applies automotive technology to our heavy-duty products. We engineer and manufacture each product to meet the strictest global standards and local requirements. Our innovations span many additional technologies from electronic sensors to higher strength fabrics and compounds. We are developing not only the solution to the customer's issue, but also the components that drive those solutions.

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Sales and Marketing Careers

We service customers in all vehicular, commercial trucks and trailers, automotive, rail, bus, agricultural, construction, mining, and industrial applications. From the rubber to the finished products, we are completely integrated from top to bottom and have rigorous testing unmatched in our markets. We need people who can tell our unique story and take care of each customer's specialized needs. People who succeed here must be able to wear multiple hats, pivot quickly and be ready to hit the ground running every day. We have many international teams and customers and seek out candidates who understand culture cues and nuances. If this is you, we encourage you to apply.

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Manufacturing and Technology Careers

We need manufacturing and design engineers at all levels to help us design products for luxury electric vehicles and automotive suppliers. Our technical teams are part of projects such as innovative suspensions that can potentially change the way vehicles are connected to the road and the people who drive them. Our engineers work with teams all over the world, so candidates must be flexible, collaborative and full of initiative. An obsession with quality is what it takes to succeed here.

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