Career Opportunities

Bridgestone opens the door for engineers to explore multiple career paths. We’re in offices around the world. We have over 50 production facilities. We are technicians, engineers, scientists, professionals, and the list keeps going. When you join Bridgestone, you join an international network and with that, comes endless opportunity. Our engineers have the freedom and flexibility to shape their careers here.


Manufacturing Careers

At Bridgestone, our world-class engineering team moves us forward by building new and improved products, processes, systems and technologies. These problem solvers do everything from developing products for the autonomous driving market to leading the way for groundbreaking technologies within our global networks. First-rate products are built here, but we believe careers are the most important things we build.

Our manufacturing roles include chemical process engineers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial engineers, maintenance engineers, project engineers, and various facilities/construction jobs.

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Research & Development Careers

As a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, we constantly challenge ourselves to remain innovative. We believe research and development is at the center of it all. Our engineers can look out the window and see their products in place, from air springs in manufacturing facilities to tires on the road. If you look to redefine what’s possible and find solutions in unexpected places, you belong on our engineering team.

Our research and development roles include chemical engineers, product design engineers, product development engineers, computer engineers, project engineers, and drafters/3-D modelers.

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