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Store Manager


Company Overview

Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO) is part of Bridgestone Americas and employs over 22,000 teammates in North America. BSRO operates more than 2,200 company-owned stores, including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus and Wheel Works locations. With locations across North America and more than $3 billion in tire and auto service sales, Bridgestone Retail Operations is the right place to build a career.

Whatever role you fill, when you represent the Bridgestone name, you are a valued teammate, and part of our larger mission to “Serve Society with Superior Quality.” We start by offering each teammate more than just competitive pay. We provide formal training, performance incentives, paid vacation and holidays, competitive healthcare packages for full-time and part-time employees, and a 401k plan to help build towards your future.

We believe people can only provide superior service and quality to others when they are allowed to bring their whole self to work and know they are supported. We believe in championing all perspectives, individuals and teams because we understand the importance of seeing the world and our business through many different lenses. We are building a team as diverse as the world we serve. So, show us what you’re made of. Show us the smart stuff, the tough stuff, the bold, beautiful and brave stuff. Because who you are is what we need.

Job Category


Position Summary

Manage retail store location operation and ensure that tire unit sales, automobile service sales, customer retention, and overall operating profit opportunities are maximized.Pay Range: $27.23 - $50.57


The responsibilities and duties of this role include, but are not limited to:

Manages Overall Store Operations (~35% of the time)

  • Oversees the work flow through the Customer Service Delivery System (CSDS) program.
  • Ensures overall customer satisfaction in the store.
  • Resolves customer complaints when other store teammates cannot.
  • Develops and implements customer retention strategies and practices in the stores.
  • Determines customer satisfaction requirements on an individual basis.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with customers in order to build customer retention and loyalty.
  • Handling personal daily customer sales and product/service concerns as well as developing long-term relationships with present and new store customers is a major component of the store manager’s performance standards and responsibilities.
  • Implements and directs monthly sales and marketing plans forwarded by the Area Manager and sets goals for store and teammates to achieve organizational goals.
  • Manages financial aspects of the business through evaluations and corrective actions.
  • Protects store and company assets.
  • Controls and directs store operational tasks, including inventories, payroll, bank deposits, teammate productivity measures, merchandising and sales promotions, outside sales solicitations, B2B, etc.
  • Leads in-store behavior implementation for timely execution of organizational strategy, according to company methodology
  • Decides inventory stocking levels and replenishment frequencies.
  • Analyzes, appraises, and makes corrective changes to the store’s entire operation as needed.
  • Directly handles customers in areas of sales, service, complaints, adjustments, etc., including greeting and handling customers to conclusion in store and over telephone.
  • Handles customer complaints and tire adjustments.
  • Develops customer loyalty and retention through relationship selling.
  • Grows profit through service or tire recommendations as needed by the customer, including alignments, flushes, scheduled maintenance services, etc.

Coaches, Motivates, Leads Store Teammates (~35% of the time)

  • Recruits, interviews, selects, coaches, develops, motivates, and leads store teammate staff.
  • Manages and approves scheduling and staffing of teammates.
  • Approves and handles employment termination of teammates if necessary.
  • Creates a highly motivated team environment/culture within the store operation.
  • Develops and manages teammate retention programs in store as a whole and in specific individual situations.
  • Uses negotiation and conflict resolution in managing store teammates by partnering with the appropriate people to resolve employee relations matters.
  • Establishes teammate performance standards and performs effective performance management reviews.
  • Determines individual teammate knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) levels and
  • develops/instructs/educates teammates in those product, position, and selling areas of deficiencies which are appropriate.
  • Observes and recognizes opportunities for teammates as it relates to their job and coaches to that.
  • Determines specialized educational programs that will be most beneficial for teammates’ individual productivity and schedules them for completion.
  • Conducts both group and individual meetings with store teammates as required and appropriate

Additional Activities (~30% of the time)

  • Greets and handles customers to a conclusion both in person and on telephone inquiries, while developing repeat customer business through relationship selling.
  • Opens and/or closes the store as required and directed, which includes cash control and asset protection.
  • Attends all area and special meetings as required by area management.
  • Practices courtesy, honesty, and good judgment with all customers and store teammates.
  • Depending on store staffing, hours of operation, sales mix, workflow, and volume, helps to unload trucks of merchandise shipments, changes and balances tires in the service department, constructs store displays, and performs any other physical duties that are necessary to meet customer relationship requirements.
  • Other duties as assigned or directed by Area Manager


  • 2-year degree or non-traditional education through training program completion, certification, or other exhibiting the growth mindset that is needed in this candidate


  • Reports to the Area Manager and directly manages 6-21 teammates in major daily responsibilities, including coaching, leading, and developing to support the store activities.


Customer Service

  • Sales floor counters are between (39in. & 44in.)
  • Paperwork and printers are between (18in. & 39in.)
  • Operate computer to look up parts and materials as well as invoice customers
  • Work directly with customers throughout the day
  • Retail locations can see between 15 and 55 customers per day depending on the location

Management Activities

  • Daily duties involve management of a 3 to 25 bay retail automotive service store. Stores are open 7 days per week, 77 to 91 hours, and constant adjustments in staffing levels are required to handle the fluctuating sales/work flow
  • Coaches, leads, and motivates 6 to 21 teammates
  • Constantly move about the store sales floor with customers, the stock room which is usually at least two stories, the outside concourse to meet and greet customers in their cars, and the car service department where the bulk of the daily business takes place.
  • Perform computer work for ordering and receiving products
  • Make calls to outside suppliers for parts and equipment as needed
  • May travel to meeting locations

Store Upkeep

  • May setup and take down outside tire rack requiring (45 lbs.) of force to push down on jack to lift rack and (30 to 65 lbs.) to push/pull rack in and out of the store
  • May stack tires outside store for displays between (1in. & 72in.)
  • Store displays are between (1in. & 75in.)
  • Tires can weigh between (11 lbs. & 72 lbs.) with the average at (27 to 35 lbs.)
  • Setup and take down signs outside the store as needed
  • Spray tires with black paint prior to putting on display to cover manufacturing lines
  • Use a dry mop or broom if needed to keep the floor clean
  • Stock paper products and soap in the restrooms
  • Use rags or paper towels and spray bottles to keep displays, counters, and other areas clean
  • All cleaning supplies and paper products weigh less then (5 lbs.)

Store Deliveries

  • Tire deliveries contain between 90 & 400 tires 1 time per week depending on the retail location
  • Storage racks are between (4in. & 106in.)
  • Depending on the retail location, tires can be stored in the following manner:
  • Stack tires on carts between (1in. & 72in.) to take to storage. Then place in storage racks.
  • Roll tires to storage and place in storage racks
  • Roll tires to storage and place on a conveyor between (18in. & 43in.) then into racks
  • Roll tires to storage and place into stacks
  • Tires weigh between (11 lbs. & 72 lbs.)
  • Majority of tires weight between (27 lbs. & 35 lbs.)

Shop Floor

  • Opening doors requires (20 to 45 lbs.) of lifting force
  • Closing doors requires (20 to 80 lbs.) of pulling force without the use of body weight
  • Drive customer vehicles
  • Pull new tires for customers weighing between (11 lbs. & 72 lbs.) with the majority between (27 & 35 lbs.)
  • Tire racks are between (4in. & 106in.) with ladders and step ladders available depending on the store
  • Supplies are between (5in. & 112in.) with ladders and step ladders available depending on the store
  • Supplies weigh between (1 & 42 lbs.)

Store Manager daily duties involve management of a 3 to 25-bay retail automotive service store. Stores are open 7 days per week, 75 to 91 hours, and constant adjustments in staffing levels are required to handle the fluctuating sales/work flow. The manager coaches, leads, and motivates 6 to 21 teammates, interfaces daily with the Area Manager and his/her staff, the Area Education Department, local suppliers, BFS Distribution system teammates, and retail customers from both a personal sales and a customer relations and retention perspective. The store/daily work place contains:

  • Cold work environment in the winter with a cold and hard cement floor and a hot work environment in the summer. The store manager is constantly moving about the store sales floor with customers, the stock room which is usually at least two stories, the outside concourse to meet and greet customers in their cars, and the car service department where the bulk of the daily business takes place.
  • There is a daily need for continual implementation and maintenance of all safety and health environmental policies with knowledge, skill, and good judgment.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Demonstrated success in retail sales management
  • Problem solving as it relates to customer complaints
  • Aptitude to manage inventory, order scheduling, and ongoing merchandising displays
  • Must be able to assist customers for personal sales as well as complaints to ensure customer retention and loyalty
  • Teammate and customer communication skills
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Must have a valid automobile driver’s license at all times and be able to drive customer and company vehicles
  • Must have completed all of the current and required BSRO store education courses & modules required for this position

Bridgestone is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. It is our policy to consider for employment all individuals regardless of age, color, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.

Employment Eligibility

If hired, a Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification must be completed at the start of employment. Temporary work authorization or the need for sponsorship may disqualify you from employment.

Our Benefits

Bridgestone Americas believes that taking care of you means more than just a prescription or dental plan. Our benefit plans are designed to meet our teammates' emotional, financial and physical needs, helping them thrive at work.

Bridgestone Application & Interview FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about our application and interview process to help you prepare.

Before you apply for one of the available opportunities at Bridgestone, review each of the skills needed for the role that interests you and be prepared to show how you meet the qualifications.

Whether on a job application or your resume, it is essential to customize your information to highlight the most relevant connections to the job you want.

Once you have provided your information to Bridgestone, you will receive a request for an interview if you are being considered.

In the Bridgestone hiring process, depending on the role you are being considered for, you may have a one-on-one interview or a panel interview, and both can happen in person or via video call. If you are applying for a manufacturing or retail role, you will probably interview in person or at the location where you plan to work. All these factors can change how you might prepare for and conduct an interview, so we have created a guide that covers virtual or video interview tips and in-person interview tips. We have also included other common information you should consider.

Prepare Your “Elevator Speech”
In most interviews, you will get the prompt to “tell us about yourself” or something of that nature. It’s best to prepare a short but compelling description of yourself. Consider including:
Brief summary of your career, potentially highlighting your most relevant job.
Why are you looking to start a career at Bridgestone, or are you looking to change careers/jobs?
What was interesting about this particular role or working at Bridgestone?

Be Ready to Answer Questions
During an interview, you will be asked questions about previous experience to learn more about you. Whether you are asked about strengths or weaknesses or about a particular work situation that you might have considered a challenge or a win, it helps if you structure your answers with the STAR Method.
Situation: Describe the challenge you faced, win you had, or relevant situation
Task: Explain the role you played
Action: What were the detailed steps you took or how you accomplished the task
Result: Explain the outcome
Make sure that it is relevant to the role you are seeking. This method also helps you demonstrate how you accomplished something or overcame a challenge independently or while working well with a team.

Be Ready to Ask Questions
It is also important to ask questions to help you make an informed decision about the role if an offer is extended to you. Remember that you are interviewing Bridgestone as much as we are interviewing you, so asking interview questions is critical.
Some questions you can ask:
What would my day-to-day role look like?
Describe the team I would be working with.
What is your favorite thing about working at Bridgestone?
You mentioned (insert topic here). Tell me more about that.

By asking open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” you can learn more about the role and the people you would be working with. And by circling back on information shared during the interview, you show that you are actively listening and interested.

Plan Your Route
If you are interviewing in person, map out the route you will take before the day of your interview to make sure you allow enough time for travel. Be mindful of traffic patterns and look for any construction in the area. Aim to be about 15 minutes early for your interview so you can find a place to park and take some time to prepare mentally.
If you have an unexpected schedule conflict, notify your recruiter via phone/email/text so they can work to reschedule your time.

Dress to Impress
Dress appropriately for the role you want. Different work environments may be more casual, but you always want to look your best for an interview. Consider this for a video interview as well. Most of us have better posture and body language when we look and feel our best. While no one may know you are wearing pajamas, your casual demeanor may not make a great first impression. Make sure you are free of as many distractions as possible. With many of us having to work from home while taking care of our families, we understand that quiet space can be challenging to find for you as well as for the interviewers. While we encourage you to find an area where you can focus and not be interrupted, we understand that life happens and might just happen during your interview, so don’t stress too much about it.

What to Bring
Even if you have provided a resume, always bring one additional copy for each person interviewing you. And for any interview, it’s always good to bring a pen and paper if you want to take notes. Stay engaged in the conversation; no one wants to see the top of your head while you write notes for the entire interview.

There may be a chance one or more of your interviews will be conducted virtually. Here are our tips to prepare;

Check Your Tech
Confirm what platform you will use and make sure that you have it properly installed and launched on your system.
If you use a device like a tablet or a laptop, ensure it is fully charged. Try not to use a phone if possible.
Confirm that your webcam and microphone are allowed and work correctly in your chosen browser.
Test your internet connection to ensure it is strong and working.
If using headphones, make sure they are connected and selected prior.
At the beginning of the interview, verify that the interviewer can hear and see you.
Close other programs on your computer. Getting notifications during your interview is distracting and unprofessional. Before your interview, ensure all other computer windows are closed, and notifications are silenced or turned off.
Switch your other devices onto silent mode; however, have your phone handy if your interviewer is having technical difficulties or trying to reach out via phone or email.
If you need any accessibility accommodations or are concerned about the required virtual platform not being fully accessible for you, please let the recruiter at Bridgestone know. We will reach out to discuss how to best support you.

Prepare Your Space
Conduct your interview in a quiet, well-lit environment, without a backlight or window that may put you in a shadow.
Find a place with a simple backdrop or blank wall to eliminate distractions and put the focus on you.
Avoid taking an interview from your vehicle. If it is the only quiet place you can find, DO NOT attempt to interview while driving or in a moving vehicle; our recruiters will end the call. After all, at Bridgestone, we make safety a business value.

Smile for the Camera
Look at the camera. Looking directly at the video camera (not the screen) is the only way to maintain direct eye contact with your interviewer.
Try to focus on sitting up straight and making eye contact. At the beginning of the interview, verify that the interviewer can hear and see you.
Be mindful of your body language. Not all physical cues translate from in-person interviews to video interviews. Be sure to have good posture and stay engaged.
Silence any other technology, i.e. smart watches; you don’t want to be distracted or appear disinterested during your interview."

When the interview ends, whether virtual or in person, you can ask what to expect as the next step in the process. The person conducting the interview can let you know if there are additional interviews to expect or if you will hear from HR with a decision as to whether you have been chosen for the role.

We ask that you be patient as we may have several candidates to interview, but we value your time and will offer the professional courtesy of a response either way. Also, if you are no longer interested in the role or have accepted another role, please notify your recruiter so they can remove you from the interview process.

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