Building a united front for Latin and Hispanic communities

Our newest employee resource group, B~UNIDOS, is committed to making an inclusive and diverse environment for current and future Hispanic, Latin and ally teammates. Through the search for and development and retention of top Hispanic and Latin talent, B~UNIDOS aims to enhance representation among teammates of all levels.

They do so by supporting talent every step of the way, from attending career fairs to sponsoring a personal branding program that helps teammates enhance interview skills, update networking profiles and create impactful resumes. B~UNIDOS also runs a virtual international networking program connecting teammates across regions.

In addition to professional development, B~UNIDOS promotes personal and philanthropic growth through partnerships with outreach organizations that impact local Hispanic and Latin communities. We’ve been honored to work with groups including Conexión Americas, PENCIL, FUTURO and Siloam Health. It’s with open minds and hearts that B~UNIDOS encourages cultural awareness and community engagement for all team members, regardless of their heritage, in order to facilitate inclusion, understanding and empathy.