Driving change by uplifting Black/African American talent

BBOLD is on a mission to shape the company’s efforts to attract and retain the best talent, promote leadership and development, and to encourage diversity and inclusion among teammates at all levels. BBOLD cultivates an empowered and inclusive community of Black/African American teammates and allies.

By focusing on talent acquisition and development, community service and education, along with cross-industry networking, BBOLD is able to show how their unique stories and perspectives contribute to personal and professional success. Their ERG logo contains a story inspired by Kente cloth patterns. The green symbolizes life, growth and harmony. The red speaks to individual spirituality and the yellow is the color of gold to connect with intellectual and financial rewards.

As one of the newest ERGs, BBOLD is off to a strong start with high turnout at our internal networking events such as the Bold Talk speaker series and Building Your Brand workshops. The BBOLD mission aligns with the civic programs that are part of their community service platform. They’ve supported the Pencil Reading Program, Read and Rise Literacy Program and Summer Leadership Academy to help Nashville’s next generation.

BBOLD fosters partnerships beyond the walls of Bridgestone and teams up with external organizations to build larger community connections. BBOLD serves with the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, the Executive Leadership Council and partners with other Black/African American ERGs at other companies.